Salon closed? That's how you keep your tape hair extensions in shape!

Are you wearing tapes hair extensions with Quikkies or Secrets? Do the connections gradually grow out and should your hairdresser put them up or remove them now? Here are tips on how to manage the time until the next, hopefully soon possible visit to the hairdresser:

  • In general, be very careful and try to apply as little tension as possible to hair and tapes!

  • When brushing, always hold the connections at the roots with one hand and brush the hair carefully with the other hand.
  • Do not wash your hair too often if possible. Tie them together more often or pin them up instead of washing them.

  • Avoid circular, rubbing movements and unnecessary friction when washing your hair. Press or knead the hair gently and rinse it well and for a long time afterwards.
  • Use a suitable Hairdreams shampoo (Beauty Shampoo, Protein Shampoo or Volume Shampoo as required) when washing your hair. Always use Hairdreams Regeneration Care after shampooing for intensive care of lengths and ends, leave on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Spray the moisturising Hairdreams pH&Shine Spray into towel-dried hair (do not rinse!) and then gently brush the hair with the Hairdreams brush. In addition, you can massage a few drops of Hairdreams HairFluid into dry hair every day, in lengths and tips. This gives your hair extra care, moisturises and makes your hair shine. All care products and other accessories for hair extensions and thickening can be found in our shop.
  • Always dry the roots immediately after shampooing, as the connections should never be left damp for too long. Avoid too hot temperatures when blow-drying, as otherwise the adhesive and tapes could come off.
  • Manage the time with creative hairstyles and generally tie your hair together as often as possible. Braid it in or do a bun - especially when sleeping. You can also work with beautiful hair accessories such as hair bands, scarves, hair clips or hair clips. Enclosed you will find some suggestions for possible hairstyles.
  • Should you lose a Quikkie or Secrets tape, please keep it and take it with you to your next visit to the hairdresser.
  • If necessary, you can also remove your Tape-In hair extension yourself. For this purpose please use our professional solvent Quikkies Take-Out Spray, which you can order here in the shop. If you need help with this, please contact our free Helpline. There our experts will explain how to remove the tapes safely and gently.
  • To remove adhesive residues in your hair, use pH&Shine Spray, which you can also order here in the shop. Spray the affected areas with it and then comb out the residue carefully with a fine comb.
    • The most important thing: HANG IN THERE! We and your hairdresser will do everything to make sure that you can soon enjoy your usual Hairdreams service again!