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Salon closed? This is how you keep your MicroLines hair thickening in shape!

Are you wearing a MicroLines hair thickening that is gradually growing out and needs to be reattached by your Hairdreams hairdresser? Here are some tips from our MicroLines experts on how to manage the time until your hairdresser is there for you again:

  • In general, make sure not to exert any tension on your MicroLines. Always hold the MicroLines with one hand and brush the hair with the other hand carefully but thoroughly.

  • If possible, tie or pin your hair together.

  • Wash your hair only as seldom as possible.

  • When washing your hair, it is best to do it upside down in the bathtub or sink. Please do not wash in the shower holding your head backwards! This causes too much pulling and too much strain on your own hair! Avoid circular, rubbing movements when washing. Massage the hair only gently and selectively. Always rinse it out very well and for a long time.

  • Use the high-quality Hairdreams Protein, Volume or Beauty Shampoo when washing your hair. Always use Hairdreams Regeneration Care after shampooing for intensive care of lengths and ends, leave on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Spray the moisturising Hairdreams pH&Shine Spray into towel-dried hair (do not rinse!) and then gently brush the hair with the Hairdreams brush. All care products and other accessories for hair extensions and thickening can be found in our shop.

  • Pull your own hair through the honeycombs of your MicroLine regularly, preferably several times a day. Otherwise there is a risk that your own hair will become knotted and matted under the MicroLine.
  • If your Microline has already grown far out and is very loose, you can fix it at the edge with sliding clips, pins or flat hair clips. If you need help with this, please contact our Helpline. Our experts will explain to you exactly how to do it best and send you a video demonstrating this technique.
  • Alternatively, you can also use a hair band to give your MicroLines a more secure hold. Creations with scarves or hair bands are also possible.

  • Further accessories for attaching your MicroLines, such as Hairdreams adhesive tape or Microlines Adhesive Remover can be found in our shop.

The most important thing: Hang in there! We and your hairdresser will do everything to ensure that you can soon enjoy your usual MicroLines service again!