Hairdreams® helpline in continuous operation!

This has never happened before: more and more Hairdreams hair extension and thickening customers across the country are desperate for a service appointment but can't get one because their hairdresser has closed. All Hairdreams partners would like nothing better than to open their salons immediately and serve their customers... The Corona crisis has had many repercussions on our daily lives, and unfortunately it is now confronting many Hairdreams customers with unprecedented problems.

Hairdreams has responded to this situation by setting up the Hairdreams Helpline: a hotline that can be reached by phone, WhatsApp and email, where Hairdreams customers and other hair extension and thickening clients can get free advice and assistance from Hairdreams experts. A total of 12 Hairdreams specialists are currently working in 7 different languages to address the needs, fears and questions of Hairdreams extension and thickening customers* throughout Europe.

This Hairdreams campaign is already a great success and is gratefully accepted. Up to 250 affected people contact us every day to get advice. Mostly it is about outgrown hair extensions or hair thickening connections and hairpieces that no longer fit properly. This not only affects the appearance of the hairstyle, but also leads to problems when combing and styling the hair, up to the development of knots and tangles, which can also affect the hair itself.

The Hairdreams experts, with many years of experience, have tips and tricks for all these cases to keep the hair in the best possible shape even under these circumstances and to avoid possible damage. Often a simple hairstyle trick is enough. But even if this is not enough, a solution can be found.

The Hairdreams Helpline can be reached at these numbers:

0800 008050
+43 664 88335924

0800 0080500
+49 162 2520170 or +49 162 2520178

0800 008050
+41 77 5382825

0800 0220880
+31 621511467

0800 38500
+31 621511467

0801 840074
+43 664 88335949

800 743056
+39 3355952578

+34 627408273
+34 627408273

United Kingdom
0800 0318450
+44 7566294857

Middle East
+96 170959101
+96 170959101