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Hairdreams Luxury Care Bundle

This bundle includes:

Hair Fluid - 50 ml
Regeneration Care- 200 ml
Haarturban rosa
Brush Mini

Step-by-Step Application:


Start by running your fingers through your hair and then thoroughly detangle it with a suitable brush.

Hair Wash:

Wash your hair twice with a Hairdreams shampoo of your choice. This ensures that your hair and scalp are optimally cleaned and prepared for the subsequent care.

Regeneration Care Application:

After washing your hair, apply a small amount of Hairdreams® Regeneration Care to the lengths and ends of your damp hair. Gently massage the treatment in. Subsequently, comb your hair with the Hairdreams® brush to evenly distribute the product. Be careful not to apply the Regeneration Care to the attachment points of tapes and bondings to protect them from softening. Let the Regeneration Care sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinse your hair with clear water.

Hair Drying with the Hair Turban:

After rinsing, use the microfiber hair turban to gently dry your hair. Wrap the turban around your hair and secure it with the button closure. The material is highly absorbent and prevents damage such as split ends or hair breakage that can occur from rubbing with a conventional towel.


Once your hair is no longer dripping wet, detangle it with the Hairdreams Mini Brush. This brush is specially designed for the care of extensions and long hair and fits perfectly in any handbag, ensuring quick and gentle styling on the go. With this Hairdreams Bundle, you ensure intense care and protection for your hair extensions and thickening. The hair turban supports healthy drying, and the mini brush offers you the opportunity for perfect styling anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the luxury of professional hair care effortlessly at home.